Big brother is watching you. Once connected to a website or a download, your location is sent to the web for people to buy or use for other reasons. This is why it’s essential to hide the location of every device you use. A VPN makes sure the user’s location is hidden, and the data is secured.

Everywhere connected

If a device is being used outside your wifi range, we made it possible to be connected to your home WIFI network. So even when you go to another country, cafe or hotel. You are virtually at home enjoying all the benefits of the SWIFI.


Yes, this product is completely legal to use. The project is even supported by the Dutch government. Also the use of a VPN is legal in all countries where we sell our product.

Yes, you can still access all website. Some will notice you have an VPN. So they will ask you to login, to your account. If this won’t work and you really need to visit the website, you can always turn the device off. Visit and turn it back on. 

You can order Swifi, by visit the productpage. If you have any questions about the options. You could always contact us.