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Privacy Filter

Privacy made easy and
affordable, for everyone.

Secrevo – change the internet to a better place

"Don't worry, be carefree"


How great! No more advertisements on your devices. Take a deep breath and say bye.

Secure connect (vpn)

Ever feel like someone is watching you? And getting personal recommendations? Not anymore.

Virus scanner

Bye expensive Norton, bye hacked Sonos and smart tv. You are now “safe and secure”

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Within minutes

Just connect the device to your own Wi-Fi and within minutes you are safe and carefree.

On every device protected

All devices

Smart tv & speakers

Even devices you won’t think are a threat will be protected.

Camera's & smart home

We live in a decade where smart home devices make our lives easier. These devices, as wifi cameras, are one of the most accessible devices to hack.

Pc & portable devices

With these devices, you often login to unknown public networks. These networks are known for their lack of security. And personal data can easily be stolen.

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We only offer one subscription

To get all the privacy and security needed, all the features we offer are in just one subscription.

Kickstarter Special

Free subscription for one Year
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Secrevo Lifetime

Lifetime free updates
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  • 1 Secrevo Hardware
  • Lifetime subscription
  • Ethernet cable
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Duo Pack

What is better than one Swifi?
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  • Secrevo S-guard
  • 2x One year subscription
  • Ethernet cable
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Save effort & money with SWIFI

Save up to $100 each year

Besides being much easier to install and way more secure than all other options of combining it yourself. The S-Guard is even much cheaper. On average, customers will save $500 per lifetime*.