Hardware solution

We make
Digital security
Easy & affordable.

Secrevo, Your Privacy is Our Priority.

"Don't worry, be carefree"


How great! No more advertisements on your devices. Take a deep breath and say bye.

Secure connect (vpn)

Ever feel like someone is watching you? And getting personal recommendations? Not anymore.

Virus scanner

Bye expensive Norton, bye hacked Sonos and smart tv. You are now “safe and secure”

Take a coffee, within minutes

Just connect the device to your own Wi-Fi and within minutes you are safe and carefree.

On every device protected

Smart tv & speakers

Even devices you don’t think about at start, will be protected. 

Camera's & smart home

We live in a decade where smart home devices make our lives a lot easier. We don’t have to be at a place and still can see what happens. protect the devices you protect your environment with. 

Pc & portable devices

You use these devices every single day, just like your car. Except your car has an airbag to protect what is inside. Why wouldn’t you protect what is inside your device? 

With the "Always secure" app, no distance is to far

Silver pack

For 1 year
Per month
  • 1 Secrevo S-guard
  • Ad-blocker

Platina pack

For 1 year
Per month
  • 1 Secrevo S-guard
  • Ad-blocker
  • VPN - no limit devices
  • All in one protection

Gold pack

For a bit longer(3 years)
Per month
  • Secrevo S-guard
  • Ad-blocker
  • VPN - no limit devices

No more questions? Or are you looking for more:

Packs bought before the release date will update automatically once released!

Silver Pack

Release date NOW

Gold Pack

Release date: 1st of December 

Platina Pack

Release date: 1st of April