The internet of things

The camera you hang outside for protection, the smart thermostat you have so you can turn the heat up in your car and your house is never cold when you get home. Even the fridge you can control from an app on your mobile phone, all these things are connected to the internet. That is where the internet of thing(Iot) is all about. These days not only people are only but ‘things’ are also online without a human that constantly controls them. This is what we call the internet of things.

IOT connected

What could we do with the Iot?

With the internet of things, the ‘things’ can communicate with each other. So when you are using for example Alexa it could communicate with your fridge or your thermostat and it automatically changes the temperature. This could be very use to make your daily life a lot easier. Nowadays this technique is used for optimization of warehouses, in hospitals, and is used at schools. Below there are a few examples of what the internet of things is used for.

Smart homes

If you are using for example Alexa or google home, smart fridges, a smart thermostat, smart tv. You also are busy with creating a smart home. Using the Iot at home increases your comfort and makes your life easier. The devices in your home connect and ‘talk’ with each other/ share information. They can see when you are home by your activity.

Smart farming

This technique(Iot) is also used in the farming industry. Farmers use this technique to measure the humidity. This is good for the irrigation system, the system measures the humidity and sees when enough rain has fallen and see when the ground gets dry.

Smart cities

These cities use the Iot to make the public services more efficient and easier to use. With this technique one can measure thing more exact and have better insights in several services. The cities are using it for parking lots, and city lights.

The risks of IOT

The internet of things: the devices collect all information and communicate with each other.
This means you are watched 24/7 with every activity, so the devices can make you more comfortable. The company that sold the device also gets the information and could use it one way or another, maybe they use it to improve their product maybe they will sell it to third parties. So the big question here is are you willing to give up your privacy to make your home a little bit more comfortable?