Anti-virus scanner

Know what is going in your digital world with the Secrevo av scanner. We have integrated our av scanner with an intrusion prevention system. This way, SWIFI can detect a virus and disable it. This system is an additional option to protect your internet against malware attacks.

Protect my devices

Did you know most hackers enter a wifi network via a forgotten smart appliance like a refrigerator, smart TV, or Sonos? Unlike av scanners on your phones or computers. SWIFI covers all of your devices.


Yes, this product is completely legal to use. The project is even supported by the Dutch government. Also the use of a VPN is legal in all countries where we sell our product.

No, you can’t. Malicious and harmful websites will be blocked from entering to avoid catching a digital virus. But there is an option to allow sites if necessary.

You can order Swifi, by visit the productpage. If you have any questions about the options. You could always contact us.